At The Chocolate Deli we get very excited about chocolate! We love finding or inventing new ways to use it.

    We believe that chocolate should not only taste good but also look great! Some of our customers cant even bring themselves to eat our creations – ‘they look just too good to eat’

    How It Started -
    Dale originally trained in Ceramics – mould making, throwing pots, slipware etc but she also loved cooking, especially with chocolate.

    After working at Kinnerton Confectionary hand decorating chocolate moulds she had that ‘eureka’ moment Why not do both! Dale decided to teach herself. After reading a squillion books & making every relative & neighbour she could find try her chocolate creations, she decided it was time to take the plunge & open a chocolate shop. In true ‘Chocolat’ style a shop became available in the religious village of Little Walsingham, affectionately known as England’s Nazareth.

    Now with her husband in tow (whom she met at Kinnerton) They are moving the business forward in Walsingham and also sell though many fine farm shops & gift emporiums in Norfolk & beyond.

    If your in Norfolk do pop in and see us, we would love to see you x